Thursday, January 24, 2013

The little things

I am so thankful for my kids.  When it seems that there's so much to stress out about, they can always (usually) make me laugh. 

We've had a rough week around here.  My DD has had some health issues in the past.  We thought we were over that hump.  Apparently we fall into that 1% where things can reoccur.  Sucks big time.  So now my DH and I must make a decision that may (or may not) affect her for the long term.  I think we know which way we're going, and I believe it's truly the best road to take.  But to say the least it's been a tough week.

So even when it's rough around here, it seems these kids look past it and observe things with a slightly different perspective.

As DH was taking DS1 and DS2 to bed, he told them to be very quiet because DD was already asleep.  DS2 responds, "But Daddy, you always tell us to be quiet, but you're really the loudest.  It's like two kittens and an elephant."   Really?  Where did that even come from?  He's six.  I love it.

So, I'm not sure in what direction this blog is going.  But, it's mine and I'm thinking it'll constantly change.  My life changes so often and goes in so many different directions, why shouldn't this blog?  So, today is just a short one.  Hopefully it gave you a chuckle.

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