Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Season is HERE

I know it's not a good thing when I cannot remember what was bought for my kids for Christmas.  I am going to wrap the presents tonight while I send them off with their Grandmother for the evening.  So while I wrap, I have to take inventory.  INVENTORY for the presents we bought!  And after inventory, I'll have to see if the kids have an even amount of presents!  UGH  I love seeing them open them on Christmas morning, but why do I always let it get down to this mad rush?

The boys will have to share a lot of gifts.  Some games for their Wii, the trampoline we bought for everyone.  The baby will have way too much for a baby her age who has no idea what's going on!  I intended to buy just enough for her so that Santa did a good job for everyone.  But, I got excited and got too much.  She's my girl.  It's a new thing to buy girlie toys.  Last year was her first official Christmas, but this year, I get to buy toys and things she'll actually take an interest in. (I hope.)

In past years we've run around all over the city visiting relatives.  Not so easy when hubby and I both are the spawn of divorced parents.  That's, at a minimum, 4 places to be on one day.  Through the years, and our ever changing families' dynamics  that has changed.  One place to be Christmas Eve, Another Christmas Day, and Another the day after.  

I am stressed, but cannot wait to see my babies celebrating with all of our family.  These are the few times we all get together.  I love seeing them interact with everyone.  And they're growing so fast.  Hopefully Santa sticks around for quite a few more years for BigBoy1.  I know he's dangerously close to disappearing!

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