Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why does all the sickness come at once?

Everyone has had some kind of sickness this week.  Baby Girl is getting over a cold, which also caused an ear infection.  The Boys both had some weird fever, not other symptom but a runny nose.  Now Hubby has some stomach bug.  REALLY??? 

I swear I need a sick day.  Maybe I can just return when everyone is better?  And I'm sorry to say, I'm not nice to sick people.  I cannot tell you why.  Maybe I feel like everyone needs to just get over it and go on with their day.  Why?  Because that's what I have to do.  What?  I'm sick?  Nope, never.  You know why?  Because I'm a mom.  I'm not allowed to be sick.  I DO feel really bad that I lose all empathy for those who are sick with colds/stomach bugs/snotty noses/coughs.  

I was also told how shitty I've been for a few days... I wonder if it could be because GOT SICK! God, please help me if I get this stomach bug.  The house will be so freaking trashed by the time I feel up to cleaning up!  Which may be part of the reason I've been shitty.  Not feeling good and the house is a mess, that stresses me out!!!  I mean, I'm by no means Suzie Homemaker with the freshest house in the neighborhood.  My house generally is in disarray, but it's usually controllable...  At least in my head it is.  But it's on my nerves right now.  I am feeling much better, and have even decided to be the cook for tonight.  But the Boys will be so upset, "Chicken again?"  Yep.  Chicken.  But, not the same as last night because maybe that's what's causing daddy's "stomach bug"?  (I was not the cook yesterday, btw)

So, keep your fingers crossed for me.  Insanity may ensue if I end up sick and in the middle of the chaos with no defenses!

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